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Atomsphere Of Jester Affecting Students :: essays research papers fc

Atmosphere of muggins Affecting StudentsDo you see moody students at the University of Texas walking around? They probably live in Jester, the largest earthly concern dormitory in the nation. Why the long face you ask? Well, the need for a high-density dorm caused the University of Texas to build a dormitory with the atmosphere of a prison. Jesters resemblance to a prison affects the mood of students and the overall well-being of students. Waking up to loud, obnoxious banging and screaming are the mornings of an overcrowded prison. Small windows throw in the towel for just a glimpse of the reality of the world. The built-in furniture adds to the uniformity that is present in all prisons. The width of the hallways prohibits much space between neighbors. all in all of these attributes plague prisons as well as Jester. Beauford H. Jester Center, built in 1969, is a co-educational residence hall that houses 2,912 students in two towers referred to as Jester watt and Jester East (Je ster Center 1). The large dormitory was built by William Clark Craig. The need for student housing was high because of the demand to want to attend the University of Texas. Since a prison holds a lot of people in a small area, it is not a mystery on how Jester obtains its prison- ilk appeal. The lack of lighting in Jester causes a melancholy type of mood which gives the impression of a dark, sullen area. The University of Texas campus does not have room to spare since it only consists of 40 acres. lowly did the UT Board of Regents know the construction of Jester would eventually lead to an overcrowding and the largest enrollment in the country. As a result of the largest enrollment in the country, the sizes of the populate of Jester are very similar to those of a prison. In an interview with Lindsey Jones, a resident of Jester, explains, I cant study in Jester. It feels like I am trapped. I like being able to move around. The measurements of the Jester rooms compared to that of a prison cell are very similar. A Jester room is 132 x 16 with built-in furniture (Jester Center 2). A prison cell is about 14x 146 with built-in furniture (CAD drawings). Below is a diagram of a Jester room(Jester Center 2)The hallways in Jester are scarcely large enough for one person to walk through.

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Germany: The New Battle :: European Europe History

Germany The New BattleThesis This paper will argue that Germany needs to secure itself as both the economic and semipolitical hegemon of Europe inside of the European Union until its present condition and effectiveness in the global politics changes, instability in the European Union, as intumescespring as, basic fear of will always be present.I. Introduction II. Historical Perspective-The two negative factors A. Fear - twice in one century 1) von Bismarck/Frederick II 2) Hitler B. Foolishness 1) WWI 2) WWII III. Reunification - The Key A. Economic realities 1) E. Germanys status 2) Infrastructure B. The significance of one Germany 1) Future 2) Politics IV. European Union-The means to and end A. European check and balance system 1) Hope for the future 2) Provisions for success B. The answer to a disturbing question 1) Can Germany be strong and quiet? 2) France and England V. Conclusion The formation of a state can be both a beautiful and terrifying event . As a national you str aight withstand a home and place to live with people of a common culture and heritage, an identity. If you are a founder of the new state, there would be a sense of accomplishment of having achieved the fulfillment of a life metre goal. Other states which deemed this new state as legitimate and recognized it as a self-determined equal, have created a potential ally or enemy. The downside, the premature recognition and the actual struggle for that status, usually entails conflict, loss of life, revolution and even war.A state was form and recognized in 1871 in the center of Europe. This event has had an enormous impact since its inception. It has been both the salvation of Europe through economic depressions and hard times, as well as, the cause for two world wars and the near decimation of Europe. Its people have been back and forth between rags and riches, democracy and dictatorships, united, broken and then reunited. This state is known as Germany. Modern Germany has been reunifi ed after almost 50 years of separation during the cold war. Once again German power and influence is on the rise. The world watches because Germany has non been able to successfully retain both total sovereignty over its territory and be an economic world power, for a substantial period of time without plunging the world into an unavoidable conflict. The question of Germany and its position in world politics is one which has plagued statesmen since Germanys formation.

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T.Y.W. 1618-1648The Thirty geezerhood War was a series of conflicts, not-knowingly involving most European countries from 1618 to 1648. The war, which was fought mainly in Germany, was started when Bohemian Protestants furiously attacked the divine Roman Emperor in terms to impose a restriction on their religious and civil liberties. By understanding the Thirty Years War, you willing notice the notable religious, political and social changes. The changes paved the religious and political maps of Europe. Not only did this war affect the religious and political demographic, it caused populations to perish and dawdle large amounts of their goods. What was known as a religious battle, turned out to be a political feud in competition of which state has the great power affecting men, women, soldiers and civilians. The bohemians had no idea that their violent deed would set off a chain reaction of armed conflict that would last thirty days and later be called Europes first world war o f the modern era. When the war ended, the lands were defiled and over 5 million concourse were killed.During the Thirty Years War, men and women had to experience trials and tribulations. Solders and officials, putting fear into the eyes of the countrymen, were testing all their patience, tolerance, and rights. The soldiers thought they could do anything they wanted because they abuse their powers. Citizens were often anguish by water boarding, daggers and hung if they did not satisfy the needs and wants of the officials. Martin Botzinger briefly describes his experience saying, they beat me to the ground with daggers both my feet were bound together, and the other took the rope round my odd arm, and they shoved me in water. Scenes like this caused so ... ... then five more, one after another they allowed themselves to eat those bodies They said, it was the great unbearable famine that did it. The struggle to find nutrition was real. It was a heavy burden for people to bear. The need to stay a live became a daily struggle many civilian and soldiers.The Thirty Years War, known as a religious war started off as a small debacle between the bohemians and the Roman Catholics. Not knowing this was a beginning to something big. The war that lasted thirty years, allowed for torment and diminishing events to happen. Events that effected men, women and soldiers. While some suffered more than others, there was not much left to do tho to deal with what you had. The war defiled the lands of Europe leaving individuals helpless without much to eat or look forward to. All in all, the Thirty years War paved the new European landscape

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My Life with Thoreau Essay example -- How Education Has Changed My Life

It was my high school teacher, Anna Shaughnessy, who introduced me to Henry David Thoreau. His Walden was not part of the course of study. She asked whether I knew of this Massachusetts writer. I didnt. Without scaring me off by proclaiming how great he was, she say he had lived and died in obscurity. But not like some romantic poet in a dusty garret. He had done all kinds of work for a living-been a schoolteacher, surveyor, pencil-maker, gardener, carpenter, mason, lecturer, naturalist, as well as keeper of a personal journal into which he wrote two million words. Thoreau was born in 1817, about a hundred years before you, Miss Shaughnessey said. But I think, when you read him, youll find his ideas, his way of looking at life, will mean as oft to you as if he were born yeste...